Holden & Pheobe Caulfield: a Real Relationship

 Holden  Pheobe Caulfield: a Real Marriage Essay

Alyssa Palumbo

Miss Pasqual

03 28, 2009

CITR Created Response: Part 23

Holden Caulfield, the main character coming from J. G. Salinger's book The Catcher in

the Rye, contains a different romance with his sibling Phoebe than any other figure in

the book. Together with his cynical perspective on existence, Holden sees it hard to get in touch with

persons. Throughout the book, one can notice that Holden is desperately searching for

someone who can easily understand him. He sees Phoebe because the only person he can go to that

is not going to judge him; one could admit she's his rock. She has the only person that he

will not think is usually " artificial, ” both. For example , at the beginning of Chapter twenty-three, there is a

landscape where Holden asks his sister to dance. " ‘C'mon, ' I said. ‘You think that dancing? ' I

taught her the right way to dance and all when the lady was a tiny little kid. She's a very good dancer. I

mean I simply taught her a few items. She discovered it typically by very little. You can't instruct

somebody the right way to really move. ” (175) From browsing that research, one can notice that

Holden feels highly of his small sister. He goes on to say that even though tiny kids appear

terrible if they dance, but with Phoebe is actually different. She's honest regarding everything,

and she's never fake with him, or perhaps with any individual, for that matter. However , with world,

Holden appears to think that most people are phony, or fake. They do not accept him, most

very likely because they don't understand his cynical approach to things, yet because Phoebe

does appreciate him, the girl with the only one he can maintain a well balanced relationship with.

Therefore , Holden's relationship with Phoebe is much more real than others.


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